Yamaha YZF R1 Crossplane Crankshaft Technology Explained!

Crossplane Crankshaft

Crossplane Crankshaft Yamaha’s R1 has a crossplane crankshaft. The crossplane crankshaft is designed to reduce inertia torque created by the engine to a minimum. A conventional four-cylinder engine (flat-plane crank) has it’s crankpins all in the same plane, with the two inner ones 180 degrees from the two outer ones. The inner two pistons move up and down together, and so do

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Crankshaft Machining – How Crankshafts Are Made!

How Crankshafts Are Made

How Crankshafts Are Made A crankshaft is a mechanical part able to perform a conversion between reciprocating motion and rotational motion. In a reciprocating engine, it translates reciprocating motion of the piston into rotational motion, whereas in a reciprocating compressor, it converts the rotational motion into reciprocating motion. Crankshaft Machining – How Crankshafts Are Made! Crankshafts can be monolithic (made

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