10 Things Only True Bikers Will Relate To

There are certain things that you would know only if you are a real bike rider. Here’s a list you will surely agree to.

#1 Driving a bike in bad weather is something that you surely want to avoid, so judging the weather needs to be perfected.

#2 Trying cool new bikes always get you high.

#3 You don’t need company when you are riding your bike. You just love being alone with it.

#4 Your family and friends don’t understand why spending some alone time with your bike is enough to make you happy again.

#5 That smile on seeing the little kids getting excited on seeing you.

#6 You don’t care about capturing the view. All you care for is living the moment

#7 Stopping in the middle of nowhere for a break is natural for you.

#8 You are grateful for the people who warn you about the troubles ahead.

#9 Setting up a camp all by yourself is something that makes you value your freedom.

#10 It’s all about enjoying the ride and not speed or time.