1000 WHP Toyota Supra is smoking its tires on public road!

1000 WHP Toyota Supra1000 WHP Toyota Supra on the loose! Now, who wouldn’t like to enjoy a fine beauty in a mad action?

This Toyota Supra is definitely something else. It has the courage to step out of the comfort zone and hit the streets. Why would like such a beast if you’re not going to do the right things with it? As drifting seems to be this Supra‘s second nature you’ll really get to enjoy the action; as well as the roars of the car.

1000 WHP Toyota Supra – the monster unleashed

The only thing we’re sorry for is the fact that there music in the backgroud but, if you try hard enough you’ll get to listen to the symphony. Check out the 1000 WHP Toyota Supra┬ávideo below!