1000W Laser -The right tool for a fast and effortless paint removal!

1000W Laser1000W Laser is all that you need to remove paint from your car, or any surface, in that matter. We’re talking about cleanLASER which is a portable system strictly designed to remove paint from steel structures. And while paint removal may be the first thing that the 1000W Laser is good at, there are more things to it.

We all know that removing paint from a car is not an easy task. Not only do you need tools, but time and a lot of hard work are also quite necessary. However, until now, we had to other choice but to find all of these things. The good thing is that the world is going forward and with it, so is technology. Now, we have the right tool that will take minimum of you time and effort and do the job as it should be done.

1000W Laser -The right tool for a fast and effortless paint removal

The 1000W Laser is a high-performance tool that the company designed for large-area applications. Of course, you can modify it to fit your needs. Moreover, there is a not a place that you cannot use the 1000W Laser. It isn’t big or heavy, it’s movable and you can take it anywhere with you.

In addition to many of the advantages that the 1000W provides, we must tell you that the 1000W is just the average power that the tool produces. It is self-contained and fully mobile and there is no secondary waste to clean-up or dispose.¬†Furthermore, the 1000W Laser is easy to adjust and use. It’s the perfect tool for the right job.

Another thing that you’ll come to appreciate about the 1000W Laser is that it doesn’t require gas or other consumables. You just have to plug it in, turn it on and start doing what you need to do.

This is what you can do with your 1000W Laser:

  • Paint removal
  • Cleaning of large molds
  • Nuclear de-contamination
  • Production intensive de-coating
  • Weld seam pre-treatment
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding
  • Fast removal of rust/oxides, oil, grease & production residues
  • Pre-coating surface preparation / contaminant removal
  • Manual paint-stripping with CL 1000