101 Year old Harley Davidson running like a Champ

It is very rare to see a Old School machine like this 101 Year old Harley Davidson Running  like a Champ , take a peek into the past and see this super cool Old School motorcycle.

When we see this video it is like we jump into a time machine that takes us all the way back to 101 years ago.

What we see on the other side is this 101-year-old Harley Davidson that starts right up and runs like a Champ. We’re sure that this thing needed quite a bit of work to get running again, but the fact that it’s running at all it’s something to be admired.

Check out the clip below that shows off this vintage ride purring away like a kitten. There are some things that you just can’t replicate no matter what amount of effort or money you put into it and the cool factor omitted from this old-school machinery is one of those things without a doubt.