13 year old kid drifting like nobody you have ever seen before!

13 year old kid drifting13 year old kid drifting ┬áthat’s a better drifter than most 13 year old boys and girls in the world ? This one is even better than that. This kid may just be better than some professional drifters seen on track.

We have no information about this kid’s background so, we don’t know if his father is or was a professional drifter but, somebody did a really good job teaching him do something like this. This kind of skill can’t be reached at the age of 13 just with watching movies featuring notorious cars. Though, we’re not saying that we all have learn a lot from them.

13 year old kid drifting like nobody you have ever seen before

Watching this video will probably make most of you thing of your childhood dream that he is obviously living now. His family (probably) gave him the chance to drive a powerful drifting car that goes sideways like crazy on the asphalt. If only I was given that kind of opportunity back then.

All we can do now, is watch this kid in action and hope that one day we see him on the big screen. Check out what he can do and enjoy the action!