1600HP Nissan 240sx kills some V8s at a No-Prep drag racing event!

1600-hp-2jz-nissan-240sx-goes-sliding-at-no-prep-drag-racing-event-kills-some-v8s-video-102524_1There are many things you can do to enjoy your Nissan 240sx but fighting nitrous-fed big block things at a drag strip is definitely an unusual choice. But here, we’re talking about a Nissan 240sx that puts out no less than 1600HP. For those of you who aren’t much into the drag racing scene these events are simple to understand. You just put 1000HP beast and add one straight line race. Oh, as for the crashes, they are on the house.

So it might have traction issues but it’s powered by a 2JZ and uses a huge turbocharged along with multiple stages of nitrous for the kicks. Interestingly enough, despite all this power, the 240sx is one of the rides that are less prone to crashing compared to the others at such events. Check it out!