19 year old biker crashes in front of the police!!!

19 year old biker19 year old biker wrecks his Yamaha R6 on Mulholland Drive.

Riding a motorcycle through the bends is all fun and games until you take it too far and crash – or even worse do all of that in front of a patrol car. There is really nothing like hooning you bike or car on¬†Mulholland Drive but it’s pretty obvious that the course isn’t meant for beginners or individuals to push their machines and themselves to the limits. The video starts by showing the rider doing his own thing through the bends while a patrol car is on his tail, for reasons that are unknown to us.

19 year old biker crashes in front of the police

However, as the video goes on we can see that the 19 year old biker violently low-sides, on the tarmac. We don’t know if the just panicked because of the patrol car or he just lost control of his machine, which is more likely, but we believe that the lesson has been learnt here. According to the description of the video, the biker is a 19-year old who wasn’t seriously injured. Be as it is, he will still need a new pair of jeans.