1904 Cadillac dashing out on the London to Brighton Veteran car run

1904 Cadillac1904 Cadillac is at the heart of all Cadillacs in general. But to talk about it, we have to go back in history.

The first Cadillac was built back in last quarter of 1902, thus, it was a 1903 model. This Cadillac was a 2-seater and of course, it was a horseless carriage. That Cadillac was fitted with a single-cylinder engine that produced sturdy 10 hp. Henry Martyn Leland and Faulconer Manufacturing Company of Detroit built the thing. In addition, Henry was the founder and general manager.

When the 1904 Cadillac came to existence, the company introduced it as Model B. After that, the 1903 model became known as the Model A. Both models could be bought as a two-passenger runabout or a four-passenger tonneau.

1904 Cadillac dashing out on the London to Brighton Veteran car run

1904 CadillacThe 1904 Cadillac is similar to the Model A. It shares its engine, however, it uses a pressed-steel frame and axles. Moreover, the 1904 Cadillac is on a longer wheelbase and its front axle is described as girder-style. They replaced the sloping dash with a detachable box-like front and a vertical radiator. Of course, the 1904 Cadillac is also lighter than its predecessor by 70 pounds. ┬áThe price for the 1904 Cadillac went a bit higher but that wasn’t because of the design.

In the video below, we’re checking out the same Model B making an excellent run. Here, it takes part of the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. This event is one of the greatest automotive adventures when it comes to veteran cars. It’s probably the oldest motoring event and it invited cars that were built before 1906.

Furthermore, it challenges the competitors to dash out 60 miles down a highway. The weather is usually awful but that doesn’t stop anyone who wants to participate. Those who cannot participate enjoy watching the cars and see what they are capable of.

Needless to say, these cars are neither fast nor notorious but, they are pieces of arts from the history of the automotive world. It’s hilarious but, to be a part of something like this is a true adventure.

If you want to participate in the event you just need a car that was built in 1905 or maybe even older. Check it out!