1963 Ford Falcon for the gearhead Valentine’s journey

1963 Ford Falcon1963 Ford Falcon and Aaron Kaufman – you can’t mess with this dangerous combination. Gas Money Garage’s own Aaron Kaufman is the guy that definitely knows the way around a car. This time, we get to see some personal time with one of his epic rides.

1963 Ford Falcon – the ultimate smoother

The video is actually a cinematic journey that follows the 1963 Ford Falcon with Aaron behind the wheel, dancing through the streets, while going a bit sideways on the corner with squealing tires. But, that’s not the whole story. As he goes through the streets he evades the police on his way. However, why is he in such a hurry? Well, he is to deliver a Valentine’s Day surprise to a lucky lady! Try topping this smooth entry folks as Aaron pops a bottle and pours it on the table.