1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible Air Ride!

1965 Lincoln Continental convertible

1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible Air Ride! This beautiful car has a 462 V8 engine and this gorgeous light blue paint is the original paint of the car. The 1965 Lincoln Continentals would be the final appearance for the classic body style introduced in 1961. This was the design that finally established a “Lincoln look” that could immediately be identified as a Lincoln Continental. Each year there were careful and modest updates. These gave the cars a fresh look for the new model year, without sacrificing the overall integrity of the original design.

1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible Air Ride!

For 1965, the Continental was given several more updates. The pointed, convex grilles seen since the introduction were replaced by a flat, blunt grille. The front turn signals were moved out of the front bumper to match the brake lights/turn signals. They were placed so they would wrap into the fender; both lenses had ribbed chrome trim. Front disc brakes became standard in order to improve the braking of the 5,000 lb Continental. In addition to that, front seat belts with retractors became standard. Lincoln added an oil pressure gauge, to improve reliability. If you like this timeless beauty, and you happen to have $24K laying around, you can have this. Check out the video for more info!