1970 Dodge Challenger TA vs. 2011 Ford Mustang GT!

1970 Dodge Challenger1970 Dodge Challenger

If you ever wondered which cars a better and safer for driving, the old mopar cars or the new muscle cars here is a an interesting video coming from Tuned!

So we have two modified muscle cars: 1970 Dodge Challenger TA and 2011 Ford Mustang GT.  In the video below you can see how Matt tests out this couple of suspension-tuned muscle cars on the Willow Springs International Raceway to see how Hotchkis suspension components affects the old vs modern car.

1970 Dodge Challenger TA vs. 2011 Ford Mustang GT!

The Challenger is powered by a 340 6-pack V8 engine featuring a Hotchkis suspension which makes it great for a road course, but not for drag racing. On the other hand you have the 2011 GT, it has a 540 Hp V8 engine, Magnuson supercharger and also featuring Hotchkis suspension.

Check out Matt’s review and the muscle cars on the track!!