1971 Dodge Superbee is the ideal barn find!

1971 Dodge Superbee1971 Dodge Superbee as the ultimate barn find there is.

As Rick was on his way to look at a crusty old truck, he stumbled upon something that took his breath away. One glance over his shoulder and he seen a 1971 Dodge Superbee with yellow paint and black stripes. Back in its days, the Superbee was bought brand new and now, he sees it, sitting quietly in a barn. Luckily, the owner was willing to hear an offer for his pretty old ride.

1971 Dodge Superbee rescued

Rick, of course, checks out the Dodge- a regular car that obviously, hasn’t been driven in decades. As he pops the hood, we see many rusty parts there along with a 340 Magnum Heavy Duty 727 transmission, no battery but there is a six cylinder radiator down there. Check the 1971 Dodge Superbee video below!