1980 Camaro Z28 transformed into a roaring monster on 4 wheels!

1980 Camaro1980 Camaro Z28 made to rule the road!

Usually, when we see a black paint on a car, or any kind of vehicle as a matter of fact, we get super ecstatic. That paint just makes any good ride look like a real killer. Well, that’s kind of the case here, expect that there is way more to this 1980 Camaro Z28. What we really appreciate here is that the Camaro is in a really good condition. Moreover, it is really obvious that the owner has taken really good care of his 1980 Chevrolet before it fell into the hands of Fast Lane. Nevertheless, we can’t say that they didn’t put any effort into making the Z28 a notorious-looking beast.

1980 Camaro Z28 transformed into a roaring monster on 4 wheels

1980 CamaroThis 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is a very sharp-looking monster.In addition, it has the 350 with a 4bbl, backed by a turbo350 automatic under the hood to brag with. The folks at Fast Line even point out that this Z28 has only 19,xxx original miles. Thus, it would be a really good choice for a true Camaro enthusiast. All we can say is that this 1980 Camaro could use some additional detailing. Everything else is just as it should be. Enjoy the walk-around and the start up! 1980 Camaro video below!