Lance Stewart got his Dad a 2016 Corvette Z06 for his birthday!

Lance Stewart 2016 Corvette Z06

Lance Stewart got his Dad a 2016 Corvette Z06 for his birthday! Well, some Dads get cards or ties for their birthdays, but not this Dad. Many of you are familiar with Lance Stewart, but for those of you that are still in the dark, he is a Youtube and Vine star.

As he is famous for vlogging, Lance filmed the entire process from going to the dealership to the actual reveal to his dad, and it is heartwarming! Stewart is only 19 years old, but is very successful in what he’s doing and therefore he can afford to leave the dealership with a brand new, $80,000 Z06.

Lance Stewart's Dad

The reaction is genuine, you can see the tears dripping…

This is an amazing story that is filled with positivity and it made my day. A new car is often a great way kids show their appreciation for their parents when they’ve earned a little nest egg of their own. This particular car is certainly quite the gift. This 650 HP American supercar was his Dad’s dream car, and it’s very nice of Lance to show appreciation for the good parenting. In a world where most of the celebrities are idiots and make fool of themselves on a daily basis, it’s really refreshing to see a good kid like Lance.

Check out his video to see his Dad’s reaction! Priceless!