2018 Mustang GT500 spotted: The mightiest Ford Mustang is coming!

2018 Mustang GT5002018 Mustang GT500 prototype was spotted outside Ford’s Dearborn Development Center. So yes, it is safe to assume that Ford Performance is hard at work on the new 2018 Mustang.

The new GT350R and GT350 may be currently roaming the streets but, as it appears big brother is coming to take the show and it’s just around the corner.

Of course as the 2018 Mustang GT500 that we’re are ought to see in the future, there are a lot of assumptions, whispers and rumors about it. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that Ford has been testing a 5.0 Twin Turbo development mule for some time now. So, can we assume that the 2018 Mustang will feature a 5.0 EcoBoost? Sure. Also, we are hearing that the company is working on the Direct-Injection for this particular powerplant. After all, that’s what people want for a 2018 Mustang GT500.

2018 Mustang GT500 spotted: The mightiest Ford Mustang is coming

2018 Mustang GT500Regardless, the world is expecting the 2018 Mustang GT500  to depart from the Flat Plance Crank 5.2L GT350 motor. The GT350 is more of a track-focused beast as opposed to the earth-rotating, freeway runner GT500.

As far as power delivery goes, we’re also expecting from Ford to take a step further regarding the 700 Hp on the Hellcat. Otherwise, people around the globe will more likely be disappointed.

2018 Mustang GT500If the 2018 Mustang GT500 will be a force induction car, then Ford will probably stick with the traditional lobe crankshaft. If that’s not the case, the company will be force to make some pretty significant changes around it.
The popular car-maker has recently invested in aluminum tooling and materials, primarily for the brand new F-150 line. But besides that, Ford Performance also took weight savings on another level with the GT350 and GT350R. That is, of course, in terms of carbon fiber wheels, carbon forged plastics and aluminum fenders. Are we likely to see the 2018 Mustang GT500 with more extreme use of carbon fiber and aluminum? Well, time will tell. For now, you can check out the 2018 Mustang GT500 prototype that was spotted on the streets!