240SX DeathKart is ready to do anything!

240SX DeathKart240SX DeathKart is ready to do anything! What would happen if you were to strip away every non-essential part of a Nissan 240SX? Parts like, for example, the entire body maybe? Well, say hello to the DeathKart. It started as a fairly ordinary drift car and then, things were taken on another level so, it took a pretty hard hit. But, why repairing the bent body when you can just strip it nude and still be awesome?

Monstrous 240SX DeathKart having insane fun!

This mean ride was build by the folks at SpeedWarHouse and it looks pretty much like a cousin of the Roadkill Corvette. Having fun is the least that someone can say when driving such a machine. This is what the DeathKart can do: