250 GTO inspired F12 successor is the stunning Ferrari Casco Rosso!

250 GTO inspired F12250 GTO inspired F12

Dejan Hristov, an aspiring designer, famous for his BMW Rapp Concept wanted to share his personal interpretation with the world, of what the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta successor could look like. His concept takes its cues from the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and it’s called Casco Rosso. This concept car is supposed to have a V12 hybrid front-engine with the battery placed behind the cabin, for ideal weight distribution. What’s more interesting about it is the cameras integrated into the body of the vehicle that are replacing the side mirrors. They are capable of delivering rear and side view and everything they see will be displayed on the cabin’s screen. With this move, Hristov improves the aerodynamics and eliminates the need for a rear window. The additional accents include large diffusers, roof-mounted scoop, headlights hidden behind a cover opening only when the lights are turned on and quad pipes.

250 GTO inspired F12 Ferrari called Casco Rosso!

Hristov says that this is actually a two-seater commercial car, inspired from the Ferrari models throughout the history. He sees it as a mix of legendary Ferrari classic and a modern Ferrari body. Only the main inspiration is taken from the 250 GTO but, nevertheless, according to him the Casco Rosso is a futuristic, modern version of that particular car.