2JZ BMW M3 built with only one purpose – drifting!

2JZ BMW2JZ BMW M3 built with only one purpose – drifting! And it’s really good at it, too. You will see in the video. But first, we’d like to tell you something about this 2JZ BMW M3. It’s got top mounted single turbo making 600HP! Mike Marshall’s BMW E92 M3 drift car running a Supra 2JZGTE with GT3582 top mounted single turbo. Full standalone Syvecs ECU running 600hp. Sitting on Meister R coilovers with Cosmis Racing wheels supplied by Driftworks.

2JZ BMW M3 built with only one purpose – drifting!

The Toyota Supra 2JZ engine and the top mounted turbo give this amazing “batmobile” a 590 BHP. Among the many other goodies in this beast are the custom exhaust and manifold and Mishimoto front mounted intercooler.

The body is painted with Midnight Purple by RW Paint. For the awesome and badass look of the wheels, they give credit to Driftworks. If the body seems odd and completely custom made, it’s because it is. They have implemented a Liberty Walk custom body kit, and a Liberty Walk Rocket Bunny spoiler.

The transmission is 6 speed M3 gearbox. It’s got ABC Uprated clutch and custom clutch adapter plate.┬áSummit full rear adjustable arms Meister R Coilovers. The interior is equally cutting edge. A custom metal fabrications all subframe and undercar power coated Nickson Motorsport custom rollcage is inside this 2JZ BMW. A custom Drift Shop Hydro handbrake and Dished Steering Wheel Limited Edition.

Check out this drifting beast and notice the unique lines. I need this car so much!