2JZ-Powered BMW E21 digging up tarmac!


Well, here’s one extremely interesting swap! Under the hood of this BMW E21 3 series is a Toyota 2JZ engine that’s giving it strength to do some wild things. The owner and driver of the 2JZ-powered beast is Marek Wartalowicz, a professional driver and drifter, of the STW Drift Team.

The engine produces 700 HP which enables the drift machine to go sideways like crazy. The car itself has a custom suspension and exterior, Rota 18” wheels and tires that are producing a lot of smoke thanks to the engine capacity, and of course, the insane drifting master, Wartalowicz.

Hearing the BMW’s roars is eargasmic and watching it in action is a true touch of adrenaline. Turn up the speakers, hit play, and find out how crazy this 700 HP 2JZ-powered BMW E21 is!

The all-star drift:

Finally, Marek Wartalowicz Togue drift!