3 year old boy drifting in a BMW 5 series – Parenting done right?

3 year old boy drifting3 year old boy drifting in a BMW – or more like hanging on to it.

The Arab world is always delivering the wildest driving stunts we have seen. However, the world is slowly getting tired of Hagwallah ( Arab drifting). Now, drivers in that part of the world are starting to slide early in life. And by early, I mean at the age of 3.

The father of this 3 year old boy drifting in a BMW gave him some extreme driving lessons. Thus, the preschooler now can pull donuts.

The video at the bottom of this page show the 3 year old drifting and putting on quite a spinning show. The 3 year old boy drifting is obviously hanging on the 5-Series that’s spinning more that in control. Though, he seems to catch the slide as the the modded E34 starts to slide around.

3 year old boy drifting in a BMW 5 series – Parenting done right?

In fact, the 3 year old boy takes a bit of a dive in the leather’wrapped driver’s seat as he struggles to reach the gas pedal. The amateur cameramen even takes thing to the next level by playing the car drifting around a human sort of game. If you pay close attention to the action, you’ll even catch the kid taking his eyes off the “road”. Nevertheless, the 3 year old drifting is still holding the steering wheel as tight as he can.

Teaching your kid to drive outside public roads before the legal driving age ( age of 17 in Iraq) may be O.K. to some. However, handling him/her the key to a car in an area surrounded by people is not a smart move. The boy’s skills are admirable but, these adventures can easily lead to violent crashes. The last thing we want to see is a deadly accident.

If you want to get you kid closer to the tire-melting shenanigans, then it’ll be way better to offer him to ride shotgun. At least until he’s old enough to drive. Check it out!