350Z drifting in this awesome Beirut Harbour drifting movie!

350z drifting

350Z drifting – an awesome Beirut Harbour drifting movie! What better start of a 350Z drifting movie than the driver placing the gloves on his hands? All the professional drivers are going to do that before a drift. Maybe the rookies are not going to wear them but it is more of a choice.

350Z drifting in this awesome Beirut Harbour drifting movie!

The Nissan 350Z is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-door, two-seat sports car designed by Ajay Panchal of Nissan Design America in San Diego, California. The vehicle features the long-hood short-deck design common to the Z-Car family. External design highlights include: sloping fastback style roof line, unique brushed aluminium door handles, high waistline, and bulging fenders that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle. Interior design features brushed aluminium accents. The main gauge pod is mounted directly to the steering column allowing their movement to coincide with steering wheel adjustments. Additional gauges are mounted in a center triple gauge cluster.

There is the crane that has been set on the middle of the track and the driver has to make donuts around it. But the challenge here is much bigger than the ordinary donuts at the empty parking lots! The awareness of the driver has to be much bigger as well.

This epic movie of the 350Z drifting on the Beirut Harbour has been made as part of the total travel of the crew together with the car. They thought that it would be so cool to make a video in the cities that they stop, or the harbors per say and this turned out to be a great idea and sequences as well. It is good that the owners of the harbors are letting them use the asphalt and also leave some tire marks. But, then again, the tire marks will be a reminder of the awesome 350Z drifting that took place there. Check it out!