Stunning 3D Printed Toyota 4WD Transfer Case Model!

3D Printed Toyota 4WD3D Printed Toyota 4WD

Ever since 3D printing broke into the mainstream, it’s become possible not only to download and make reproductions of small parts for your car, but also to download, print and assemble miniatures of entire powertrains.

Stunning 3D Printed Toyota 4WD Transfer Case Model!

What you see here is a working W56 five-speed transmission for a Toyota 22RE engine, a 2.4-liter 8-valve SOHC inline-four that was in production from 1981 through 1997 and that was used in vehicles like the 4Runner, Hilux, Celica and Corona. Thingiverse user Eric Harrell reverse-engineered this working five-speed transmission to approximately 1:3 scale. This is the 4WD version of the transmission so it has a mounting surface to bolt a transfer case to!

Check it out!



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