7 Reasons Why All Motorcycle Riders are Badass

Motorcycling may have started as an object primarily of the counter-culture back in the day, but it’s pretty mainstream now. However, despite that, there aren’t nearly as many bikes on the roads as there are cagers. And there’s a good bunch of reasons for that. So, we decided to compile some of the reasons why the joy of biking isn’t for every Tom, Dick, and Harry!

1. Deadly Tires

Motorcycle tires don’t go like car tires do. There aren’t any pre-mishap warnings. There’s no comfort of being able to take the side and stop an accident. When a bike tire goes out, there’s only one possible outcome. And that’s that you get thrown off your ride. It takes a special kind of guts to mount those 2 wheels knowing that can happen!

2. Fatal Wrecks

Cars have seat belts, airbags, and a whole host of things, other than the cage of course, that can let you get away from a crash without more than just a bruise. Motorcycle crashes, even the smaller ones can cripple a biker. Serious crashes more often than not end up taking a rider’s life, or at least leave him paralyzed! Again, you need guts!

3. No Seat Belts

When you hit something in a car, there’s a seat belt to hold you back. In a bike, there’s nothing. You go straight up in the air! Guts again!

4. No Windshield

Bikes have a windshield. But, that’s mostly for aerodynamics. Unlike car windshields, there’s nothing to stop flying debris at high speeds from hitting you right in the head or the chest! Something as tiny as a flying coffee cup can wreck a biker! You know it already, guts!

5. Rain

Cars come with a roof over your head. Raining? No worries. You aren’t getting a drop of it on you. But, when you ride, you’ve got no cover. You get drenched like a peace of meat left to marinate overnight. What’s worse? The roads like to be especially treacherous with all that lack of traction.

6. Traction

Other than a marginal decrease in the speed, nothing much happens for cars going over bad roads, grass, or dirt. With bikes, that lack of traction and a flat level surface could have you lose control in moments and send you skidding all across it!

7. Safety

Other than all of that, there are a lot of things that make a motorcycle an exponentially more dangerous thing to be on/in, than a car. The slightest brush with a parallel vehicle, hailstorms, a dog on the road, spilled oil, an inattentive driver, and god knows what else, are just some of the things that can kill you while riding a motorcycle!

So why the heck does anyone even ride? For the sheer joy of it! The euphoria. The ecstasy. For me, and a lot of bikers out there, there’s no better feeling than riding those two wheels through scenic landscapes. A lot of things in life can kill you, but that doesn’t mean you stop living! We know the risks. We appreciate it. We take the measures to reduce them. But, the ballsy ones, still chose to ride! What’s life without a little risk? No risk, no gain! And that’s why we ride, and that’s why riding isn’t for everybody!