8 Odd Things I Noticed When I Bought a Motorcycle!

Buying a motorcycle is more than just buying a vehicle. You step into the whole world of motorcycling. The good. The bad. The brotherhood. The stereotypes. Here are 8 of the many things you can notice when you get your first motorcycle!

1. You Hear Horror Stories About Riding From Non-Riders!

“I know a guy whose brother’s friend died in a tragic crash”

2. You Realize How Poorly A Lot Of People Drive!

“If only they rode a motorcycle, they’d know what it’s to be like in our shoes”

3. Car Drivers Can Suck. But The Roads Can Suck Even More!

God damn those tar snakes!

4. Not Every Biker Gears Up Well!

ATTGAT is something a very few bikers realize and abide by!

5. Disagreements About Helmets And Loud Pipes!

If I had a penny for every time I saw two riders arguing about these, I’d have another Harley!

6. Your Ride Determines How Other Bikers See You!

“A Harley guy is not the same as one on a pocket rocket!”

7. Despite The Marketing, “American Motorcycles” Aren’t Entirely Made In America!

Yes, not even your dear Harley!

8. The “Rebel Biker” Is Mostly Just An Image!

Gone are the days when motorcycling was just a part of the rebel counter-culture!

Which of these realizations have you already had? Are there any more you’d like to point out?