Mike Ryan is drifting a 200ton mining truck around expensive classics!


Mike Ryan is an accomplished stunt driver and he is known for driving and drifting the impossible. For example, he raced a Banks Power-modified Freightliner big rid up Pikes Peak and we’ve seen him in several videos on YouTube making 5+ ton trucks act like sports cars. So, if you like seeing such unimaginable stunts and you have a thing for big vehicles then get ready to see what he can do with a large and heavy mining truck.

The video doesn’t really have the sideway action and the level of tire-smoke as we’re used to seeing from him, however, it does show Ryan getting few feet away from a BMW M1, a C3 Corvette, and an AC Cobra, as well as a computer od desk and a fish tank. We’re sorry that the sound that this mega-metal creature produces while drifting can’t be heard because it’s replaced with a techno soundtrack , but at least it’s worth seeing! Check it out!