Beau Yates, the Aussie Rocket, drifts the heck out of his Toyota 2JZ 86!


Beau Yates is an Australian multiple national drift champion that cannot be missed in the races of Australian drifting. He has succeeded in developing a very successful drifting career for himself and embedded his name into the Australian history of drifting. As every good drifter (or driver) has an amazing vehicle that enables him/her to display skills in a best way so does Yates- a Toyota 2JZ 86.

Clearly, drifting cars are pushed inches away from breaking point every single day and let’s not talk about what’s going on in the bad ones. The cars has to be mean, powerful, tough, and most of all, enduring. Well, this Yates’ Toyota is exactly like that. It delivers 500 HP and it really is one heck of a drift machine.