Air refueling mishaps caught on tape- This is how not to refuel!

Air refueling mishapsAir refueling mishaps don’t happen that often but, when they do, the situation tend to get a lot intense. Luckily, the pilots and co-pilots are trained for whatever comes next;nevertheless, nobody can claim that they will all be safe and sound in the end.

air refueling mishaps, for those of you who don’t know, is a process of transferring aviation fuel from one aircraft to another. But, why do it when there can be serious consequences if something goes wrong? Well, there are also many benefits to this process as well.

Air refueling mishaps caught on tape- This is how not to refuel!

Air refueling mishapsThis procedure, naturally, allows the aircraft that received fuel to remain airborne longer. While that is the first reason that may come to mind, there is another important reason for practicing air fueling. The fuel may not be extremely heavy but, it does have a weight. If we are to take off with a greater payload, the benefit  could be huge. We maintain the maximum takeoff weight by carrying less fuel and then, we top that up once airborne.

In addition, air refueling mishaps is also a means to reduce fuel consumption. The potential savings regarding the process range from 35 % to 40 %.

Nobody likes or can predict an accident. But, if you were to choose, where is the one place that you definitely don’t want to have one? Surely, that would be thousands of feet above the ground. Gliding through the air may be fun and exciting but, many things can happen. Things like air fueling mishaps. The video below focuses of several air refueling missions that turned into air refueling mishaps. They are both intense and amazing so, check them out!