How Do They Do It? – Airplane Recycling!

Airplane RecyclingAirplane Recycling

With 12,000 aircrafts scheduled to be decommissioned over the next two decades, recycling will play a larger role.

Airplane recycling pertains to the process of harvesting parts and materials from end-of-life aircraft. As the airline industry looks to become more eco-friendly as well as to cut costs, one area of increasing interest is that of aircraft recycling.

How Do They Do It? – Airplane Recycling!

The Airplane recycling process begins with the non-destructive dismantling activity. Easily removable items such as passenger seats, engines and other components are taken. When just the shell remains, a massive excavator demolishes the vast shell of the airplane into small pieces. There are various types of metals as well as plastics to be recycled, so a sorting process is required.

A powerful magnet is used to separate iron and steel from aluminum and plastics. Once everything is separated, each of these materials is diverted to separate recycling streams. Eventually, these recycled metals may be introduced  as raw material to produce a range of items such as circuit boards, computers and TVs.

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