“Angrier” Massive 1969 Dodge Daytona by Mr. Angry!

Dodge Daytona

Look at this cool pro touring 1969 Dodge Charger transformed into Dodge Daytona by Mr. Angry. The car is absolutely massive – two hundred and twenty two inches long!!!
Under the hood there is a 500hp Chrysler V8 engine, five speed manual transmission, 18×9 inches NASCAR style front wheels, 18×10 inches rear wheels with Michelin Pilot sport tires (265-40-18 front and 285-40-18 rear).

The history of this car says that it used to be a homologation car for NASCAR back when they ran production based cars. But apparently, it was too fast. It wasn’t fair competition as it killed every other car on the drag strip in that category. Too many people were complaining, so they withdrew them.

This custom 1969 Dodge Daytona looks so fine with the black body color. Plus it can hit to 180mph top speed and be incredibly stable at the same time. The owner calls it “Angrier”. Sweet!
Here is the video: