What Is Crankshaft Grinding And How Is It Done Properly?!?

Crankshaft Grinding

The crankshaft is basically the heart of any engine.  It is the one part that converts the oscillating, linear movement of the piston, by means of connecting rods, into rotational movements. These rotational movements furthermore drive the engine of the car of other vehicle. However, the crankshaft has a very wide variety of applications and is used anywhere where power

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The Smallest Turbo In The World In Action!

The Smallest Turbo In The World In Action

Most of people are always opting for something big and loud in the car industry, however, sometimes even the little things make waves across it. Additionally, we’ve seen many examples which proved that bigger isn’t necessarily better. So, does the same thing apply when it comes to different types of engines? Recently, building mini engines has become a hobby that

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This Is How The Unicorn Log Splitter Works!

Unicorn Log Splitter

The Unicorn Log Splitter is probably one of the craziest and most extreme splitter designs we have ever seen. However, it’s an amazingly simple design as well. Basically, it is a giant spinning tapered screw that a piece of wood is shoved into by hand. Then, the unicorn log splitter digs in and splits the wood. There are many models

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What Is Friction Welding And How Does It Work?!?

Friction Welding

Friction welding has been used to weld parts to make new or repair for many decades. The friction welding family of processes offers many different variants, including linear friction welding, rotary friction welding and friction stir welding. Though all of these processes differ in one way, they all have one purpose and work similarly. In each case, friction heats the given

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The Planetary Gear Set – This is how it works!

The Planetary Gear Set

The Plantery gearset contains of planetary gear which are capable of supplying a lot of torque and speed reduction in a small package and have operating characteristics which are beyond those of fixed-axis gear trains. However, to fully understand the peculiar planetary gears, we need to start from the very beginning. If you take apart and look inside an automatic

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