Will Batmobile help Batman with picking up girls?

Will Batmobile help BatmanWill Batmobile help Batman in his mission not to find any gold digger out there?

There are countless of gold digger pranks all over the internet to make girls feel bad about accepting a free ride in a supercar while adhering to the Barney Stinson stereotype. They may be starting to wear off a little but, there’s always someone who manages to crank the think up a notch. This time it turns out to be Batman, who hits the street dressed like a bat with his quite convincing replica of the Batmobile sitting near him.

Will Batmobile help Batman in an epic prank?

In the video, we can see a blonde taking a picture with him, after which she rejects his ‘generous’ offer to go with him for a drink. However, when his Batmobile gets in the picture, suddenly she is having a change of heart. Well, this Batman apparently ‘doesn’t like gold diggers’ and in addition, he has his Catwoman riding shotgun.