Becoming stunt rider is very hard….

Becoming stunt riderBecoming stunt rider is not an easy task and Sarah Lezito knows that pretty well.

Lezito is a French stunt rider who has fallen in love with Sportbike Freestyle at an early age. She started to stunt when she was only 13 years old and thanks to her perseverance, motivation and passion for motor sports she is now one of the best female stunt drivers in the world.

Becoming stunt rider in very hard and Lezito knows it!

Lezito has participated in may competitions and was the only girl to compete at the 2015 StuntGP. But, to get to where she is now, she had to do a lot of practice. Now, to practice means to fail many times and get back on your feet until you get something to perfection. That’s why she decided to upload a video – a crashing compilation of hers that shows how many times she falls of that bike and gets back up. Well, if that’s not motivational enough for you, then maybe stunt riding isn’t something you should be aiming at. Check it out!