Blown Corolla CMEFRY – You haven’t seen a burnout like this one!

Blown Corolla CMEFRYBlown Corolla CMEFRY is taking crazy on a whole new level.

We’ve seen drifts and burnouts that bring a lot of smoke to the action. But, here we’re talking about something that’s considered to be a wild variety. For those of you who enjoy seeing a good burnout with so much smoke that you can barely see the car, here is your refresher course.

Blown Corolla CMEFRY doing a mind-blowing burnout

Shooting to fame here is this blown Toyota Corolla CMEFRY. We’re sure that the real car enthusiasts here have already heard about this ride as it is known to have done some epic things. In this video below, the Blown Corolla CMEFRY show itself is such a light that brings out the best of it as it combines drifting, burnouts and lots of smoke in the wildest way possible. Enjoy!