Boss Hoss trike is powered by the biggest engine ever seen!

Boss Hoss TrikeBoss Hoss trike is one interesting machine. Of course, it’s also pretty loud and scary.

Are you a fan of trikes? Well, if that is the case, then you surely are in for a treat today. The Boss Hoss trike is a pretty unique piece of machinery. Thus, it is just one of those trikes that will be turning heads wherever it goes. The reason behind the Boss Hoss trike ‘s popularity is fairly simple. Just think about it – what are most of us after in the automotive world? Most of us want speed and then, there are those of us who want real power. When it comes to the Boss Hoss trike, believe me, it’s all about power.

Boss Hoss trike is powered by the biggest engine ever seen

Boss Hoss Trikeou know those guys who always pop out of nowhere with the craziest idea you’ve ever heard? Those are the guys behind this sort-of-a-masterpiece. Apparently, they thought it would be a good idea to stuff a 502 cubic inch Chevrolet big block between the rails of a little trike. If it is attention they are after, they definitely got that on themselves now.

People have seen the Boss Hoss trike on several places and they can’t get their eyes off it. Some will think that it’s a great move. On the other hand, some will look at the more practical side. Is asking a single rear wheel to transmit such power a tall order? Of course it is!

Nevertheless, we can’t say that it’s not legit. The Boss Hoss trike features LED lights, both in the back and in the front. Moreover, it has a remote control start that also operates the hydraulic pump. If we take the overall image into consideration, we might even say that the Boss Hoss trike is a bit stylish. Well, as longer as the owner is happy with it. Check it out!