Bottoms Up Cooler Scooter! Shut up and take my money!

bottoms up cooler scooter

As a beer lover, I can safely say that Bottoms Up Cooler Scooter is one of the best inventions ever! Now we can have our delicious cold beer on the go, without worrying about the boring foam on top. It’s a small scooter driven by a man, serving ice cold beer right off the tap.

Surely the inventor is some great beer drinker who doesn’t want his beer served late and warm. The vehicle called Bottoms Up Scooter Cooler is very small but powerful enough to pull the beer and the human that is handling it is not very big at all.

1-valve Bottoms Up Dispenser and Keg Trailer with 1000watt battery is powering the Cruzin Cooler Scooter. The battery is recharged with a 100-240volt & 50-60hz power supply so it will work on any power grid.  Once you have one of these, all you need is the keg, some ice for the beer coil in the cooler, and to fill the CO2 tank that rides on the trailer because we cannot ship the CO2 tank full. Being electrical powered, this is one low cost ride, but very helpful when you got the gang at your place and everybody is waiting for the cold beer to arrive.

Check out this cool invention: