BOXX scooter – The high electric moped that looks like a rideable suitcase

BOXX scooterBOXX scooter is a 1-meter long, high-electric moped. Yes, the fact that it is actually 1 meter long is weird enough but, wait until you see what the BOXX scooter looks like.

Imagine a suite that is one meter long. Now, imagine that suitcase can ride and one person can travel on. Do you think it’s out of the ordinary? Well, you got that right. The BOXX scooter is just like a 1-meter long suitcase that you can ride in around town.

BOXX scooter – The high electric moped that looks like a rideable suitcase

BOXX scooterThe BOXX scooter was unveiled 5 years ago, only as a concept. Now, we see that dream becoming reality. More than being just some weird-looking suitcase, the BOXX scooter can travel up to 97 km on 1 electric charging. In addition, it has a reasonable turn of speed. The engine of the BOXX scooter produces 111 Nm torque that goes to both wheels through a patented wheel-drive system. Thanks to the design of it, this funny-looking moped has grip and stability in all situations.

You wouldn’t think that the company would take 5 years to release only one model of this scooter, would you? Of course, there are different models that provide various speed ranges and have different distances. BOXX M can reach the maximum speed of 87 km/h.

What’s even more interesting about the BOXX is that it can be adjusted to accommodate riders that don’t have a motorbike licence. Surely, they would still meet law requirements. Moreover, the company also though about uneven roads – the BOXX scooter has a 6-inch ground clearance.

These are the available models so far:

  • BOXX M – 86 km at a maximum speed of 87 km/h. Price: $4,987
  • BOXX – 64 km at a maximum speed of 56 km/h. Price: $3,797
  • BOXX e – 32 km at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Price: US$2,997


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