Buick GNX doing a burnout with its monstrous 1200 HP

Buick GNXBuick GNX was a car that had its odds set high in regard of becoming a seriously collectable as a truly unique vehicle. The world knew that ever since it hit the track back in 1987.

The Buick GNX is among the few front-engine RWD models that the corporation couldn’t stop selling. To some minds, the RWD is what makes the Buick GNX a dinosaur. Did they know that the rear drive is the future of the automotive world? Well, that’s a tough one, especially when we take into consideration that we don’t even know what we’ll be seeing in the future.

Buick GNX doing a burnout with its monstrous 1200 HP

Buick GNXThe normal versions of the Buick GNX may seem old-fashioned and they pretty much are. However, with 245 bph and 355 lb-ft of torque from the turbocharger, the V6 would thrive on the road. Moreover, the Buick is just plain fun with that much power.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the privilege to see them coming to life, improved and everything, nowadays. Though, we can enjoy in the performance of a Buck GNX here and there thanks to those who are willing to make it even more powerful.

What do you actually need to point out the Buick GNX performance magic? Well, find a lonely straight road and just start doing whatever you want with it. If you’ve truly made a beast of it, the Buick will speak for itself. Such is the case with the Buick GNX in the video below.

The 1200 HP Buick GNX does a bit of a burnout and we can hear the engine under the hood screaming at the road. The Buick is neat, powerful and majestic as we all remember it. Moreover, in the video below, you’ll also see 2 Cadillac CTS-V cars, a Porshe and Corvettes. All of them are accelerating away very loudly and showcasing what they can do . Enjoy the show!