Buick Wildcat II- An insanely cool recreation of the original car!

Buick WildcatBuick Wildcat II recreation that represents an eight year labor of love and obsession.

This Buick Wildcat concept car would make anyone believe that it is the real thing. At least at first sight. But, the original one is housed in the Sloan Museum’s Buick Gallery in Michigan. And while it may be just a replica, it doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome.
Ken, the owner, has had Buicks since 1966 when he firt bought himself a new Riviera. From that day, he is hooked on them and he refuses to let them go. After he finished a complete restoration of a 1953 Skylark, he starting thinking about his next project. The Sloan’s Wildcat II was something that he definitely thought of, as an option, and now, he has taken to ride to the SEMA show. Nevertheless, this wasn’t an easy trip for him.
The beautiful flowing lines and the neatness of the Buick Wildcat can lure anyone into the idea but, the car parts and everything that comes with it are a totally different story.

Buick Wildcat II- an insanely cool recreation of the original car

Buick WildcatMoreover, we feel obligated to tell you that Ken owns a couple of manufacturing companies. Thus, he has some expertise that an average person definitely lacks.
Ken befriended the Curator of the Buick Gallery, Jeff Taylor, and managed to talk him into allowing Ken to take digitized drawings and photos of the Wildcat. When Ken finished the first part of the project, the “real” work started. What followed was months and years of cutting, whiting, gluing, and building mods. Ken aimed to reproduce the original appearance of the Buick Wildcat II but mostly, he wanted to make it drivable and more like a sports car. The original Buick Wildcat II that features the 322 Buick V-8 is more of “a push-toy than a real car” if you ask Ken.

The folks that designed the original Buick Wildcat II based it on an early Chevrolet Corvette. So, Ken had so started there- he searched for an early Corvette frame and body. The owner of the Buick Wildcat II explains everything that you’ll be interested in in the video below. Check it out!