Can the iPhone 6S survive being run over by Ford F-150 pickup truck?


Every time a new overpriced phone comes to production, like the iPhone 6S, there are people who feel the urge to destroy it. People have done many things to different phones; they have conducted experiments to see how many are needed to stop a bullet, they have tossed them in blenders and burned them with flamethrowers. That’s why the iPhone 6S takes its punishment this year and luckily, this test was passed with flying colors.

Many people will do anything to get their hands on such a phone but this guy decides to run over his 6S with a Ford pickup truck, treating it like an expendable piece of plastic. Luckily, the phone escapes untouched. Of course, there are many factors that contributed to its survival, such as the rubbed pad placed underneath that stops the backing from being scratched and the fact that all the wheels on the truck disperse the weight; so, practically the phone only gets a portion of the weight of the truck. Another thing that the driver of the Ford had had in mind is that the front axle is much heavier, considering the fact that, that’s where the engine sits. Nevertheless, it’s really cool to see that the 6S can handle it. Check it out!