Cannonball Run – Whatever it takes to get to the finish line first!

Cannonball RunCannonball Run – the craziest illegal race that you must see.

The Cannonball Run is an all-star, comedy film from 1981 that features all kinds of vehicles. The plot of the movie is pretty simple – teams gather up to be part of a cross-country car race. The race is, of course, illegal starting from Connecticut and stretching all the way to the finish line in California. What’s most interesting about this insane road rally are the tricky and eccentric participants and obviously all the cars that we’d like to see in action.

Cannonball Run is the road rally for the ones who love the extreme

In the main role we see J.J McClure ( Burt Reynolds) a deliveryman who takes his mechanic buddy Victor ( a.k.a ‘Captain Chaos’) along with him on the race, as well as  the beautiful Pamela Glover -“the patient” and a drinking, smoking, hacking ‘”doctor” called Nikolas Van Helsing. McClure disguises a van as an ambulance to participate and their journey begins. If you haven’t seen this movie, hurry up and check it out. True gearhads and car enthusiasts will definitely enjoy all the vehicles, the engine sounds and the action. Also, you’ll surely have a laugh along the way. Cannonball Run video below!