Captain America vs Iron Man battle in Valentino Rossi’s style!

Captain America vs Iron ManCaptain America vs Iron Man battle only with motorcycles.

Captain America is a fictional hero that we’re all pretty much familiar with and the same can be said about Iron Man. Like them or not a battle labeled as Captain America vs Iron Man is as epic as it gets and it seems that Rossi agrees on this with all the science fiction fans out there.
Valentino Rossi is best known for his impeccable skills ad being a legendary rider but, he also has a strong penchant for TV features. We’ve seen him being a part of several funny commercial and other such ‘stunts’. However, it seems that the time has come to become a bit more serious about it and take a small step forward. In that case, Rossi and his VR46 Riders Academy are to replicate the well-known metaphorical confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America.

Captain America vs Iron Man battle in Valentino Rossi’s style

If you’re into the science fiction scene than you’re probably very familiar with the details that are out about the latest movie of Marvel Entertainment called Captain America: Civil War. Well, the Doctor gets involved as he teams up his students to battle it out on the dirt track in his hometown in Italy, Tavullia. The war comes in 5 episodes that are published each week on Rossi’s Facebook page.

What we have here is only a teaser for this seemingly funny and epic confrontation but, we can expect some epic action from the coming episodes, indeed. The 10 rides, wearing helmets that hark back to the 2 Avenger’s colors, are like to take part in a Captain America vs Iron Man series of challenges to see who the winner will turn out to be. We don’t know if this entire thing has anything to do with the outcome of the Captain America vs Iron Man movie and whether it is staged or not but, either way, we’re sure that it will be considerably interesting to see the disciples of Rossi letting loose around the famous MotoRanch.
If you’re interested in the Captain America vs Iron Man movie, it will premiere on May 6 and as we could see the plot sounds pretty promising. It’s Captain America vs Iron Man with motorcycles – enjoy! Watch the Captain America vs Iron Man video below.