“Why Men Have Motorcycles” (LMAO)

Funny motorcycle commercial that’s probably banned somewhere in the world! Motorcycles have a way with women… it’s a major part of why we ride. Women just can’t resist a man on a motorcycle. Big Dog Motorcycles hit the nail on the head with this commercial. A rider pulls up next to an SUV to a red light. Although the Mom in the

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Veterans protecting a fallen marine are accosted by protesters until a patriotic biker club rolls in!

Corporal Richard Bennet, a 25-year-old marine, died in a helicopter crash in Iraq, and his funeral became the target for the ever attention seeking Westboro Baptist Church. A group of bikers known as “The Patriot Guard” arrived to form a shield with their bodies, bikes, and American flags protecting the grieving family of the fallen veteran from the disrespectful protesters.

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Biker made Pink Harley in wife’s memory

Jody Jendon form Michigan had made a promise to his wife that he would build her a bike after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, his beloved wife, Stacy, passed away falling prey to breast cancer in 2012. This pink bike with dark pink ribbons brings awareness to breast cancer whenever he drives it around. Jody has been a

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