Kettenkrad – the tracked motorcycle that tackles all terrains

Kettenkrad  is actually short for Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101. You can also find it under the name “SdKfz 2”. The rough translation of the name is “tracked motorcycle” but, it is popularly named the “motorcycle halftrack”. This motorcycle is one tough crawler. The Kettenkrad was designed in 1939. Its purpose was to pull artillery through snowy, boggy, or muddy ground. In other

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How Continuously Variable Transmission Works In a Scooter!

Continuously Variable Transmission A CVT, also known as a twist-and-go in some motorcycles, is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios. This contrasts with other mechanical transmissions that offer a fixed number of gear ratios. The flexibility of a CVT allows the input shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity. How Continuously

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Behemoth Bike – German Guy Builds The Heaviest Bicycle In The World!

Behemoth Bike

Behemoth Bike Using giant tires from an industrial fertilizer spreader and scrap steel, Frank Dose has built a bicycle weighing 940 kilograms that he plans to pedal into the record books as the world’s heaviest rideable bike. Frank Dose’s bike already outweighs the current Guinness World Record holder’s 860-kilogram contraption. Behemoth Bike – German Guy Builds The Heaviest Bicycle In

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