“Why Men Have Motorcycles” (LMAO)

Funny motorcycle commercial that’s probably banned somewhere in the world! Motorcycles have a way with women… it’s a major part of why we ride. Women just can’t resist a man on a motorcycle. Big Dog Motorcycles hit the nail on the head with this commercial. A rider pulls up next to an SUV to a red light. Although the Mom in the

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Universal Hovercraft has the perfect ground effect hovercraft for you!

Universal Hovercraft

Universal Hovercraft – what kind of hovercraft could that be? Well, imagine something that is capable of going over water, land, ice and snow. It’s pretty mind-blowing but that’s exactly what the folks at Universal Hovercraft are all about. The hovercraft that Universal Hovercraft offers is a multi-purpose vehicle meant for transportation and recreation. In addition to that, their hovercraft

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