1957 Chevrolet QUICKSILVER custom pickup is seriously American!

1957 Chevrolet QUICKSILVER pickup

1957 Chevrolet QUICKSILVER pickup – an American can’t say no to this machine. You don’t need any special introduction on this one. It’s a 1957 Chevrolet QUICKSILVER pickup that’s one of the most cleanest custom trucks that you’ll ever come across. The ones that we should thank for the amazing job are the guys at Hot Rod Garage, settled in Oklahoma.

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Custom Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics!

Custom Honda CX500 ‘With age comes beauty’ can be used to perfectly describe this custom beauty. Despite production ending over three decades ago, the Honda CX500 is still one of the best bikes for customization. This stylish Honda was customized by Justin Holmes of PopBand Classics, a small custom shop on Australia’s Gold Coast. The bike originally costed $500 dollars and appeared in completely

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Jimmie Johnson’s 1971 Chevy Corvette Concept Is A Modern Classic!

1971 Chevy Corvette Concept

1971 Chevy Corvette Concept Chevrolet has teamed up with NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson on the creation of this vintage 1971 Corvette. Johnson selected a unique silver-blue exterior color, with After Midnight dark silver trim accents and Satin Dark Android graphic accents. Inside, Johnson selected original-style bucket seats trimmed in black leather with suede inserts. He also selected a suede-wrapped, three-spoke steering

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Extraordinary Custom Bike – Katie Washnoks’ Pearl!!

Extraordinary Custom Bike

Extraordinary Custom Bike Katie Washnok’s custom motorcycle is named Pearl and it took 1st at the Minneapolis 2016 Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Katie is the “better half” of the husband and wife team that builds custom bikes from Blackout Motors, a shop from Sturgis, SD. Extraordinary Custom Bike – Katie Washnoks’ Pearl!! The bike features a custom Coach Leather

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Revival’s Astonishing BMW LANDSPEEDER Motorcycle!!

BMW LANDSPEEDER This special motorcycle is an incredible hand-made BMW from Revival Cycles of Austin, Texas. The bike was inspired by the extraordinary Ernst Henne Landspeeder. Ernst Henne Landspeeder was a 1928 BMW R37 racer—one of the most successful record-breaking motorcycles ever built, with 76 land speed world records between 1929 to 1937. Revival’s Astonishing BMW LANDSPEEDER Motorcycle!! The modern interpretation of this

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