Reiter Engineering’s insane Chevy Camaro GT3!!!

Chevy Camaro GT3Chevy Camaro GT3

WOW this is one insane Camaro GT3 on Track!!

Reiter Engineering has made a name for themselves by race prepping exotic cars such as Lamborghinis. The nature of their business is to take supercars, and turn them into race cars.

Reiter Engineering’s insane Chevy Camaro GT3!!!

There are only four Chevy GT3 cars in the world, all produced by the racing specialist Hans Reiter. Take a look at this Chevrolet Camaro GT3 customized by Reiter Engeneering on a private test day at Monza circuit.

It has a fully programmable power management a front-min V-8 engine 7.9l with 650 hp maximum capacity and it definitely makes a lot of noise!

Check it out!