Chevy Impala plus 6 JATO rockets can NOT be airborne! MYTH BUSTED!


Adam and Jamie once again having loads of fun in the name of science! Do you think it’s possible that a rocket car can take off and become airborne? One stuntman tried that and ended tragically. The Myth Busters tried to end that debate once and for all!

For this myth busting experiment, they built a ramp and they modified a large dump truck with protective metal cage and they used it as a mobile command bunker (because Buster was assigned to drive the rocket car, but he couldn’t make it)! 🙂

They attached six JATO rockets to a Chevy Impala and they launched it. The Chevy crossed the 200 mp/h barrier but the experiment was busted, as it flipped over, hit the ground and went into pieces! They came to the conclusion that the aerodynamics of the cars can not support flight. So, it’s safe to say that the myth is busted!

Check out this cool experiment!