Chevy vs Ford again! This time they’re “comparing” the beds!

chevy vs ford againChevy vs Ford again! This time they’re “comparing” the beds! Chevy is back at it again with its face palm-inducing “real people, not actors” ad campaign. Only this time, someone might get offended. Of course, Chevrolet is using its latest ads to go after its sworn enemy Ford by trying to expose holes. This is not the first time Chevy is trolling Ford. Check out the video where they “tested” whether buyers would opt for the steel cage or Ford’s aluminum cage when it comes to safety. Nevertheless, see what truck has been titled as safest here!

Chevy vs Ford again! This time they’re comparing the beds!

The two best selling automobiles in the US are currently the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, taking first and second place respectively. That’s why we understand Chevy and their way of bearing with the panic. The newest rendition of the F-150 manages to save 700 lbs of fuel-sucking weight over the previous generation with the help of aluminum body panels. The only problem is that despite the strength density of aluminum, the metal can break easily and is fairly tough to repair. Chevy wastes no time in pointing this out using its latest volley of negative ads.

Chevy is doing this over and over again and it makes them seem desperate. Not cool, Chevy. There are such things like ethics in business and respect towards competition. Despite the tactical move on GM’s part, the next generation Silverado should come standard with aluminum too as engineers grapple with how to cut weight. Check out the video!