Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2 – Electric Heavyweights Showdown!!

Citroen SurvoltCitroen Survolt vs Agni Z2

This was an interesting race, the Citroën’s Survolt concept and a Agni Z2 went head-to-head for the electric vehicle throne.

The Agni Z2 02 is driven by the TTX GP leader Jenny Tinmouth and the Survolt is driven by the Le Mans driver Vanina Ickx .

They both said that this was an interesting race due to the lack of engine noise because normally you have an idea where your opponent is by their sound, so this was a new racing experience for both drivers.

Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2 – Electric Heavyweights Showdown!!

The Agni Z2 is powered by 5 kWh battery pack and a 65 Hp motor. It can accelerate from 0-60 mp/h in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of over 130 mp/h.

The Citroen Survolt however is powered by two electric motors with a combined power of 300 Hp, a top speed of 162 mp/h and acceleration from 0-60 mp/h in five seconds.

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